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Mom Dog At Shelter Keeps Getting Overlo0ked, Until One Little Girl Smiles At Her

Suzie, a cute little mama dog had been living in a shelter for quite some time. Constantly overlooked for younger dogs, Suzie still remained hopeful each and every day. And then, one day in 2014 that hope paid off and the unexpected happened, causing her story to go viral.

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To most people, dogs are not only pets but more like children in a lot of ways. And just like children, it can be heartbreaking to see any that are left behind or unwanted. Although Suzie, a cutie of a dog, constantly got left behind as adopters walked past her daily, she never gave up her hope of a better life.

As usual, Suzie made her way to the front glass of her kennel and watched as people passed her by and made their way down the hallway. But on one particular day, to Suzie’s surprise, a small set of feet not only stopped but turned around and came directly towards her. The feet belonged to a little girl who knelt down to give Suzie a smile which was well-received as the two touched hands and paw to glass.

Apparently, the little girl’s hand wasn’t the only thing that Suzie touched that day. It seems that the pretty little doggie made her way into the little girl’s heart as well. This sparked the moment Suzie had been hoping for and led to her finally being adopted into a family.

Prior to being adopted, Suzie’s life didn’t look very promising as she would see all of the other dogs being adopted while she was constantly overlooked. Like Suzie, there are many other animals that don’t get adopted either because of their age, health, or behavioral issues. As vet bills can be quite costly, the hesitation is understandable, but it is still a sad sight to see.

Although most animal shelters are decent facilities that typically employ very loving and gentle attendants, that type of life can still be difficult for an animal. For a dog, especially, having to live in a small confined space each day might even begin to feel like a jail cell. This, coupled with the fact that these animals are not getting to experience a loving home environment, is what makes this situation very sad.

The video of Suzie’s story, which has now gone viral, gives some insight into what her life was like while living in the animal shelter. Despite having to watch her four-legged companions get chosen, the resilient little doggie would still come to the glass each day, perk up, and look as pretty as possible with hopes that always came crashing down.

However, thanks to one little girl who actually stopped to look at Suzie, the little dog’s life was changed overnight. It seems that in that very short and sudden meeting an instant bond was formed between Suzie and her newfound friend. After showing Suzie’s life prior to this meeting, the video then shows her cuddled up with the little girl, looking very content and happy.

The viral video goes by the title “If this video about a shelter dog doesn’t move you, check your pulse,” and it couldn’t be more right. While Suzie did get a happy ending, the same cannot be said for many other animals. Unfortunately, there are just not enough homes for all of the animals that reside in shelters, and sadly, some will be left behind.

A pair of little feet and a smile are what helped to change Suzie’s story in just a matter of minutes. If only every animal could have the same happy ending as Suzie did. By the end of the video, Suzie is seen sitting comfortably on a blue blanket while snuggling up to the little girl as a fire crackles in the background.

Not only does Suzie look very happy after having been adopted, but the feeling appears to be mutual. It just goes to show that when animals are adopted, not only does it help to make their lives better, but it also improves the lives of their new families as well.

Did this story tug on your heartstrings the way it has done to millions of people? Have you ever adopted a pet? If so, how did you decide which one to choose? Let us know in the comments below.

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