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Dog Given Away To Cru3l Home Gets H3lp From Kind-H3arted Kids

Phoebe was given away, “free to a good home.” Sadly, the home she found was anything but good.

Phoebe’s life with her new owner in De Doorns, South Africa was filled with neglect and cruelty. The poor dog was left chained on a tiny rope outside in the scorching heat. She didn’t have enough food or water and her rope wasn’t even long enough for her to walk around and go potty.

Life was looking pretty bleak and it’s unclear how long Phoebe would’ve survived in those conditions if help hadn’t arrived when it did.

Thankfully, some local kids from De Doorns knew about Pheobe and the life she was living. They knew it was wrong and reached out to Sidewalk Specials for help.

That rescue organization was able to come in and save Phoebe. They got her off her short leash and shared that it was “the shortest chain we’ve ever seen.” They said, “You can see where she’d tried to dig into the house behind her for shelter, in the days before her chain twisted so short she couldn’t even lie down…”

It seemed Phoebe was grateful for the help and happily went with the rescuers. They promised to find her a good home once and for all and that’s exactly what they did.

Phoebe found a loving home with a mom, and she also has a dog brother named Bubbles and a cat to live with!

They love playing fetch and running outside, and they also enjoy cuddling together in the house. Life couldn’t be better for Phoebe it seems and we’re so glad she got the help she needed.

Watch the video below:

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