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Clever Dog Tries To Fake Own D3ath As Owner Brings Up The Vet

Micki Fox and her family live in a gorgeous town in New Zealand. It is usually pretty easy for everyone to wake up and start moving for the day when they are surrounded by all the beautiful scenery of the land. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the day in this beautiful country?

In this video from 2014, a Shiba Inu named Lulu plays dead to her human mom, in an attempt to get out of a visit to the vet. It appears to be working at the start, but once treats are mentioned, the jig is up!

An adorable Shiba Inu who goes by the name of Lulu isn’t always so keen about waking up and moving. The cute little dog does often wake up the rest of the family when she wants to go for a walk or play fetch. Like most dogs, it is time to rise when the sun comes up.

However, some days are just meant to be spent in bed. Lulu is a smart little dog. She has very good senses and can tell when something doesn’t seem to be right. She has been with her family for quite some time and is ready for anything.

This hysterical video was taken in the morning when Lulu was still asleep. When mom came in to wake her up for the day, she decided that she should play dead until she was able to figure out what was happening. Micki reached down to give Lulu a nice belly rub and massage as she asked her if she was going to wake up soon. She then drops the bombshell—Lulu is going to the vet today.

Lulu is definitely not getting out of her warm bed for the vet, that’s for sure. Now that she knows the true events of the day ahead of her there is no way she is going to willingly participate. However, her human mom is quite persistent. She tries to wheedle and cajole Lulu out of bed. When that doesn’t work, she begins to tug at her blanket. Once Lulu is completely exposed, you can see that “rigor mortis” has already set in.

She is ready to play dead and stay that way until her mom goes away. There is one thing that could get Lulu up and go. That is the mention of treats, which is the card that Micki decided to play next. That did it for sure! You can watch Lulu’s hysterical act below. You’ll see why the video is going viral!

Have you ever had a dog that would play dead when they didn’t want to do something? Leave your story in the comments, and then pass this on to others!

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