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Terr1fied German Shepherds Found In Pan1c After Their Elderly Owners Gave Them Away

A senior couple offered their 2 German Shepherds to a family members as they decided to emigrate. But sadly, they were not able to choose an ideal family members for the pet dogs as they were left scared and worried. Living without their owners left them know nothing!

Fortunately, the household handed the canines to Sidewalk Specials to be rehomed with a family members who might deal with them and also like them, writes thepetneeds.

The 2 German Guards, that are ladies, were relabelled Zena and also Skye. They are now in Sidewalk Specials till they find for life residences. You can email Pathway Specials at if you have an interest in embracing them.

Enjoy the video clip below.

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