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Courag3ous Dog Found In Dumpst3r Gets Forever Home With Abundant Love

Chi Chi the golden retriever was left for dead in a trash bag until rescuers found her in South Korea. Animal Rescue, Media & Education shared a video of the rescued dog in 2014 which is how Elizabeth Howell in Arizona learned about Chi Chi, and gave her a forever home.

Sadly, in March of 2018, the heroic, beautiful dog was diagnosed with an aggressive tumor in her nasal cavity. She passed away in February of 2019.

Chi Chi was a golden retriever who overcame almost insurmountable hurdles to become the 2018 Hero Dog of the Year.

She nearly didn’t make it past puppyhood. Born in South Korea, Chi Chi survived a meat farm but was discovered in a garbage bag. Thrown away like trash, her legs had been tied together tightly. The thin sharp wire had cut through her skin severely. Chi Chi was rushed to the vet. Because of her severe injuries, her limbs had to be amputated right above the paw. The little abused puppy was left with painful stumps.

But she persevered, going through months of rehab, gradually gaining strength and confidence. However, she still needed a forever home. Not everyone can take in a severely injured animal, especially one who will need further veterinary care.

Animal Rescue, Education, and Media (ARME) spread the word about Chi Chi. The dog had four prosthetic limbs. Each had to be carefully custom made because each leg was amputated at a slightly different length.

Across the world in Arizona, Elizabeth Howell saw a video of Chi Chi and learned her story. She instantly knew Chi Chi needed to be part of her family. ARME helped with the arrangements and Chi Chi was on her way to her forever home.

Learning to walk with the artificial limbs was challenging, but Chi Chi mastered it much faster than anyone expected. People were astounded by her gentle demeanor and loving disposition. Chi Chi started training as a therapy dog, bringing comfort to veterans, the elderly, the disabled, and fellow amputees.

In 2018 the American Humane Society chose her as Hero Dog of the Year, both for overcoming her own difficulties and for helping humans deal with theirs. Chi Chi continued to inspire everyone around her with her story and her loving attitude. But sadly in March 2018 doctors discovered an aggressive cancerous tumor. Despite her incredible strength, it wasn’t something Chi Chi could overcome.

In February of 2019, Chi Chi passed away. But despite the sadness of losing her, her memory and legacy still inspire us today. She is remembered as a shining example of what true heroism is.

What a rollercoaster story. Chi Chi is an inspiration to us all. Pass the story of brave Chi Chi to your friends and family.

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