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Frightened Left-Behind Puppy Falls In Love With Great Dane

After being left behind, Luna was hesitant to get along with other rescue dogs at the Love and Rescue center in Houston, Texas. However, Luna then met her best dog friend at the rescue: a 120-pound Great Dane named Zeus.

When Dina from the Love and Rescue Center in Houston, Texas, found Luna, she was an abandoned puppy on the side of a busy road. Her mood was so down that she couldn’t stand or walk. Luckily, she could still eat. Dina nursed her back to health by putting food on her hand and letting Luna lick it.

Luna took some time to get used to Dina and the other rescued dogs. After some weeks, she began walking even though her feet were a bit unstable, but Dina didn’t give up on her. She checked on Luna every day and made sure she was well fed and taken care of. The affection slowly rubbed off on Luna, and she began to open up. She wagged her tail around Dina and interacted with the other dogs.

The next step for Luna was running. That was the turning point. As soon as Luna’s legs became strong enough for her to run, she became unstoppable. Her energy levels were back at 100%.

Dina was happy when she saw Luna run for the first time. Her reaction was priceless. It was like she had been given a new lease on life. Luna could also eat by herself without Dina lending a helping hand.

Puppies are happy when they socialize with other puppies. Dina knew that Luna was ready for the next stage of her recovery. All she needed was another puppy to play with. Unfortunately, Dina didn’t have any dogs that were Luna’s age. Therefore, she asked around. Dina was lucky to find another puppy for Luna to play with.

However, there was a catch. Luna had to play with a puppy that was almost three times her size. Zeus is a Great Dane puppy. Zeus was too big for Luna. He weighed almost 120 pounds and his nose was almost the size of Luna’s head. Surprisingly, the two animals have bonded rather well despite the difference in size.

Although Great Danes are huge, they’re very friendly and humble. Zeus has become very protective of Luna. He’s like an older sibling while Luna is happy to have a friend that she can rely on. Although Luna has never been scared despite her small stature, Zeus has helped expose a different side of her.

Luna has become more open with Dina and other dogs in the shelter. She raises her paw as a greeting or to wake Dina up. Luna’s kind gestures with her paws have made some people compare her to a cat. Luna’s story is truly amazing. She has turned from an aggressive puppy to one that welcomes everybody. It’s all thanks to Zeus for showing her kindness. You can watch the video on YouTube to see Luna’s transformation:

Isn’t Zeus and Luna’s relationship the cutest? Let us know what you think in the comments and be sure to pass this article along to your friends and family!

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