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Meet Mya, The Mix Of Pomerania And Husky That Looks Like A Little Fox

If you presume this wonderful animal is a fox, you’re misinterpreted. It’s also neither the fox from the Mozilla Firefox emblem, neither is it a fire-type Pokémon. It’s a Pomsky, certainly. Her name is Mya. It’s also possible that it’s the prettiest young puppy we have actually ever before seen.

If you’re not sure what a Pomsky is, it’s a hybrid between a Pomeranian and also a Husky, and while it can’t draw a sled, Mya can absolutely stand out. Individuals fell in love with her attractive blue eyes as well as trendy style after seeing a picture of her on Reddit just recently.

Mya lives with her human Dave Lasio in South Florida, and also you can follow her journeys on Instagram by click on this link.

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