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Mama Otter Carries Newborn On Her Tummy To Keep It Dry While Floating

Nature photography is really fascinating job that often requires traveling. However, it covers shooting flora and fauna. Thanks to nature photographers, we are able to enjoy amazing pictures from flowers, plants, and animals in their natural habitat. They can also capture weather phenomena, landscapes, and even underwater shots.

Suzi Eszterhas is a popular nature photographer who loves otters. She spent the last twenty years, watching these adorable creatures from afar. During that long period, she became an expert for otters and even memorized their usual routine.

One day, when Suzi was taking pictures in Monterey Bay, California, she witnessed something incredible: a mommy baby moment.

It appears that this kind of behaviour is unusual in the otter world. When otters reproduce, they don’t make special bonds with their babies and don’t spend time with them.

This mother kept her pup close and took care of him. She managed to find a way to keep her baby warm, dry, and happy.

The baby other regularly rides on the mom’s belly, and she always carries him from one point to another. It’s uncommon to see an otter mom taking really good care of her little one.

This uncommon behavior really surprised Suzi, who managed to take several great shots of the otters.The mommy noticed the photographer, but she didn’t mind it.

The otter mum even left her baby near the Suzi when she went hunting for food. The woman photographer loved the fact that the cute family wasn’t scared of her. In fact, they wanted to interact with Suzi. However, she thought she might scare them, so she was watching them from a distance.

This time, Suzi did more than just take pictures. You must watch the sweet mommy caring for her beloved baby, Nature always finds a way to blow our minds with its wonders.

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