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Lost Fawn Thinks German Shepherd Is His Mom, Follows Her Around For Snuggles

When a small fawn got lost in Southern Pines, North Carolina, and couldn’t find his way back to his mother, he was understandably upset.

Fortunately, the hapless fawn came across a helpful and furry police officer-in-training who rushed to his aid.

Iris, a seven-month-old German Shepherd in the K9 training program, was out walking with her owner when she saw the missing deer.

Iris and her father, Adrian Flores, go for a morning walk together on a route in Southern Pines.

It’s a lovely way to start the day, but their stroll was cut short one morning when they observed a scared but curious small figure following them.

The small fawn had become disoriented, and when he came across Iris, he began following her as if she were his mother.

Iris approached the young deer and tried to console him when she noticed the poor baby was afraid and in need of assistance.


The deer was relieved to have someone to look after him at long last, and he quickly put his trust in Iris.

Iris returned the affection with kisses and delicate nuzzles when the deer kissed her and cuddled up to her.

Iris spent about an hour consoling and protecting the small fawn until it figured out how to get back home.

Iris, who has just recently started her K9 training, is definitely a natural for serving and protecting, and will make an exceptional police dog one day.

Take a look at how pleased this little fawn was to have Iris to protect and console her.

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