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Smallest 3-Month-Old Toy Poodle Puppy Goes To Groomer’s For The First Time

A small three-month-old puppy got groomed for the very first time in July 2020. The toy poodle was brought to Lovely Grooming, a friendly dog-grooming salon located in Japan. A video of the experience was uploaded to the salon’s YouTube channel, garnering over 52 million views and over one million likes. Throughout the video, the puppy received plenty of care and attention.

It is best to make sure puppies are given the right care and treatments needed to grow into strong, healthy dogs. Being groomed is part of that journey. The video started with the now popular puppy strutting up the stairs of the salon, its little legs moving quickly. The toy poodle’s fur was a warm tan color and extremely curly, looking just like a teddy bear.. He looked perfectly fine before even having any work done. The sweet boy stayed patient as he was held by a groomer checking his fur and skin.

Next up was bath time. The poodle kept his eyes closed as he got all sudsy and clean. The curly texture of his fur straightened out as the water poured all over him. With no fluffy hair in the way, it was even more apparent just how tiny this little puppy was. After his bath, he was placed in a container the size of a measuring cup to get rinsed off. He shook his wet body before having a delicate flower placed gently on his shivering head as he sat and waited for the next part of the grooming process.

Be sure to reach the end for the full video 🙂

When To Get Puppies Groomed

It’s definitely important to keep dogs looking and feeling good. Grooming is a necessity to keep their fur from matting and to make sure they’re clean. How frequent a dog should be groomed depends on their hair length, type of hair and their breed. According to Halifax Humane Society, owners can start grooming their tiny friends as early as eight weeks old. The recommended age is closer to three months, though, just like the little puppy in the video was. Making sure they’re young but old enough to sit still for a bit of time, is helpful since dogs tend to develop more awareness and fears as they get older.

It’s a good idea to introduce puppies to the world of grooming before their first appointment to keep them from getting scared. Some ways to help them feel safe is by doing some simple grooming techniques at home, like brushing or combing their fur, giving them a bath, or even trying to clip their nails. Whatever can be done in the comfort of their own home will make the overall grooming process and experience a lot easier for everyone involved when it comes time to take the little ones to a professional.

In the now-viral, the toy poodle was dried off after his bath. He had his fur brushed and puffed out, making sure it was pristine and clear of any tangles or knots. He laid on his back with his tiny paws in the air, allowing himself to be pampered like a little prince.

The Completed Look

The sweet poodle couldn’t even see after his fur was completely dry since it was so voluminous, so the groomers had to trim it a bit. He must have really trusted them. The poodle stayed as still and patient as possible as he continued to get cleaned up. His curly fur was prominently on display, being shortened by the minute as the groomers worked to make him look fresh and healthy.

The tiny puppy’s tail looked like a cotton ball as his grooming session came to an end. His fur was extremely puffy, but trimmed down to look neat yet playful. A side-by-side clip was shown, bringing attention to just how long the puppy’s fur was before. Now, his short legs and sweet face were more on display, the fur having been clipped off or neatly brushed to the side. His tiny paws padded happily across the floor as he showed off his new look.

The Japanese salon Lovely Grooming has its own YouTube channel dedicated to showing off all the beautiful dogs they have groomed in the past. The channel has been live since March 2020 and already has almost 300 thousand subscribers. Their videos continue to receive thousands of views and plenty of love from viewers all over the world.

It’s important to find the right groomer for man’s best friend, and it looks like this toy poodle’s owner did just that. The puppy looked as soft as a stuffed animal as he showed off his freshly groomed curls, looking happy and healthy.

What do you think about this puppy’s new look? Let us know, and send this to your friends and family!

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