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Litter Crew Cleaning The Road Finds Pint-Sized Pup Someone Discarded As Trash

Trash Staffs with the Indiana Department of Transportation were cleansing an Indiana highway when they made an unexpected, yet adorable discovery.

As participants were getting trash, they stumbled upon a tiny pup who was all alone on the side of the roadway.

They snapped a few photos with the friendly puppy before bringing him to safety.

Indiana Department of Transport shared the photos on their Facebook page and also said that one of the staff participants took the pup home and also would certainly get him scanned for a silicon chip as soon as possible.

Currently, it’s unknown if the puppy came from someone and also was unloaded, or if it was birthed a roaming. Luckily, he is now secure as well as out of harm’s method, considering that he wouldn’t have survived a lot longer on the side of the road without food or water.

If the puppy does not have a silicon chip and an owner isn’t found, the puppy will certainly either be up for fostering or will be adopted by among the staff members!


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