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“I Just Can’t Wait To Be A King”- Lion Cub Challenges His Dad In Heart-Warming Wrestling

When lion cubs are birthed, their mommies typically keep them away from male lions (including their papas) because they could hurt them. This cub, however, fearlessly comes to his massive father, as well as without anxiety challenges him in a small battle.


The uncommon yet interesting view was caught on video camera by photographer Jason Kandume when he was on a business journey in Namibia’s Etosha National forest. It occurred near a waterhole where rhinos were consuming alcohol water.

” I was at the waterhole to photograph some rhinocerouses the evening prior to when I listened to some lions barking, so I knew they would not be too far from the location,” said Kandume.

” I wasn’t stunned that we found the household since that’s one of the reasons I picked to go to the park during that time of year, in November, due to the fact that it’s not long after the lions have their children.”

The family members, including an infant charming lion cub and his magnificent parents, pertained to the lake to finish their thirst. The little cub was duke it outing some dirt next to his mom, but possibly he thought having fun alone had not been amusing sufficient. And what occurred following was such a heart-warming view. The electronic camera caught him rushing to his father, getting on his back and also swiping at his face. They also began a little fight. The naughty kid continued to introduce swipes at his father although the intense lion showed his teeth.


” The male lion mosted likely to drink very first as well as when it completed, the cub started running in the direction of his dad. It was climbing up over him as well as jumping on his back. Among the females was frequently adhering to the cub,” the photographer shared.

Enjoy the fight right here:

Fortunately, the lion cub was able to get away securely before his dad tossed a temper tantrum on him. Maybe the papa was in good mood in the morning, or he understood that his kid just couldn’t wait to be a king. We likewise intend to give thanks to the photographer Jason Kandume for offering us such a heart-warming scene.


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