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H3lpless Dog Is Cha1ned To A Wall For Years Until Set Free By Kindh3arted R3scuer

Imagine living in a secluded world that never allowed you to experience love. To see this happen to dogs, who are the most loving creatures on Earth is really painful. A beautiful Fox terrier was chained to a wall for years and remained neglected until rescue workers came to set her free. This video from 2019 shows the rescue in progress, and while it may hurt your heart, it is also something that needs to be watched. We are thankful for rescue workers out there who work hard to give neglected animals a new home and a happy life.

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The video below shows how a beautiful Fox Terrier dog was rescued after being found chained to a piece of equipment while surrounded by mechanical parts in an abandoned yard. She has lived her entire life chained to this wall and left alone.

Fortunately, this dog was rescued by Let’s Adopt International and taken away from the neglectful owners. She was found with her fur tangled and unkempt, and with a depressed look on her face. In the course of her mistreatment, she might have lost a lot of hope.

A Growth on Her Backside

One of the most significant identifications of this dog’s intense neglect was this enormous growth that was about the size of a baseball attached to her backside. This was an alarming condition that raised concern for the rescue workers.

The unnatural growth was very painful when they tried to touch it, which meant that the dog was standing in pain for a really long time while also being treated poorly. When the dog was examined, they saw that she would need further medical treatment to restore her health completely.

The Name of Maria

When asked, the owners told the rescue worker that they had no name for her. It is telling of her neglect once again: the owners didn’t care enough about her to give her a name and identity.

The first thing that was given to her then was a name: Maria. This beautiful name complements her welcoming spirit that just wanted to receive help and show the world how she was still able to love. This new name was the identification of Maria’s beautiful new life that was about to begin.

No creature should live without knowing what love is. That is why Maria’s story is absolutely dreadful. The amazing part about this story is that Maria was still able to wag her tail when she saw humans. This shows that no matter what the circumstances were, this dog still had a soft place within her heart that was ready to welcome love and hope.

Whenever you hear or see a dog that might be in distress, please do what you can to help the situation. Lots of animals will live a life being beaten, neglected, and hurt in ways that we cannot imagine. Contact an animal rescue center today to make a difference. What did you think about this story? Be sure to tell your friends and give us your opinions.

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