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Group Of Golden Retriever Pups Swarm Helpl3ss Man In Adorable ‘Att4ck’

In one of the cutest scenes from 2015, a man is swarmed by a group of adorable golden retriever puppies in San Luis Obispo, California at Edna Valley Golden Retrievers. These dogs are known for being one of the friendliest breeds out there and this video strongly reinforces that fact. This is one friendly pack of pups that storms through a gate once it is opened.

Though the thought of a wild wolf pack might bring on less adorable thoughts, the sight of this group of wolf descendants swarming over a man as he calls to them is simply an overload of cute. Since this video hit the web, it has quickly gained some big attention from all of the devoted animal lovers out there that love this sort of adorable display.

It Only Takes a Second for the Man to Be Buried in Pups

In what seems like only a second or so, the man is completely buried in lovable puppies. He seems to disappear under their fur, paws, wagging tails, and their licking tongues. It is a true sign of why the retrievers are such beloved dogs and known for their friendly nature.

These Pups are Absolutely Committed to Their Cuteness Attack

Once these pups get to the man, they completely commit to their attack of cuteness. He is soon flat on his back as they relentlessly lick him. He seems to clearly be fine with this adorable show of affection from the pups.

The reality is that this is no vicious attack, it is an attack of pure puppy affection that has melted the hearts of viewers around the world since it first appeared online. It is one of those videos that will make just about anybody’s day =, and it seems clear that these friendly pups made this man’s day by attacking him with pure doggy cuteness.

For Many, Wading in a Sea of Puppies Is a Goal

One of the reasons that so many viewers around the world have loved this video of golden retriever pups attacking a man with cuteness is because they want to be right there with him. Countless viewers that have seen the video would love to trade places with the man and absorb all of the adorable puppy affection for themselves.

When a video of a group of golden retriever puppies hit the internet, it immediately drew a huge number of views. Those that saw the video were often envious of the huge amount of love that this lucky man received from all of these adorable pups. Animal lovers around the world have enjoyed this video that continues to draw in new viewers daily.

What was your first reaction when you saw the video of a many being swarmed by a group of adorable golden retriever puppies? Was your heart warmed in the same way that it was for so many other viewers? Did you wish that it was you in that video being attacked by puppy cuteness? If you loved this video as much as so many others have, then help to keep it circulating by passing it along.

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