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Footage Shows Dog Owner Acting Quickly To Sav3 His Pit Bull From Th1ef

Pit bulls sure have a dangerous reputation. They’re thought to be tough, aggressive, and jumpy – all of the traits wanted in a fighting dog. Unfortunately, this makes pit bulls a serious target for dog theft. It’s one of the main reasons not to leave your dog out in your yard; someone might try to take them away. That’s exactly what happened in this viral video shared by the poor dog’s owner.

A Friendly Stranger

In the video, you can see a stranger petting the dog through a fence. The owner is nearby, talking on his phone. The dog’s tail is wagging hard from the attention. Some people might be scared of pit bulls, but this one seems incredibly friendly.

Not Even Trying to Hide

Distracted by the phone call, the owner turns his back and paces away. That’s when the thief decides to act. First, the criminal reaches through the fence and tries to lift the dog. The dog thinks it’s a game and puts his paws up on the fence. Then, the thief climbs on top of the fence, grabs the dog’s collar, and actually succeeds in getting him off the ground. It all happens in a matter of seconds.

A Quick-Thinking Owner Saves the Day

Thank goodness the owner was right there on the phone. He shouts, runs over, and slaps the man’s hand. The dog drops to the ground, and the owner moves so that his body is between the theif and the fence.

The Thief Runs Away

The owner immediately confronts the thief about what he just tried to do. Apparently, the thief tried to claim that the dog was his. Obviously, this wasn’t true; he’s talking to the actual owner. When the owner asked for proof of this ridiculous lie, the thief ran away. In a later interview, the owner said that the man had tried to steal his dog before.

Always Protect Your Dog

This situation happened in Port Elizabeth, a city in South Africa. Still, pit bulls are targets for theft all over the world. Marizanne Ferreira, an animal rescue volunteer from Port Elizabeth, says that criminals want pit bulls for dog fighting. She recommends that you microchip your pet and keep a close eye on them.

Thank goodness the owner was there to save the day. What would you have done in this situation? Let us know what you think!

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