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Blind Dog Lost In Forest For 1 Week Found And Rescued By A Firefighter

Sage is an old pet that unluckily shed her sight due to her health issue with glaucoma but the good idea is that she has a loving family members that deals with her in every scenario. However, last month Sage went missing for a week, stressed her liked ones.

Beth Cole, Sage’s human mother, shared that they had all gone to bed and in the morning, Sage was not around.

They all began browsing for her, asking every family, good friend, as well as next-door neighbor to help them on the search for the blind doggy but they did not discover her. They all was afraid the worst circumstance considering that there were records of mountain lions in the area.

Regardless of whatever, Sage was still very much to life and also she was discovered as well as saved by an off-duty firefighter called Dan Strada. He discovered her in the river as well as claims that “When we saw she was alive, I jumped in the stream and embraced her.” Sage was securely returned home as well as we can all call this a tale with a pleased finishing!

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