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Bird ‘Barks’ To Try And Wake Sleeping Dog

A German guard was asleep in his pet dog bed when an energetic cockatoo tried to wake him up– by barking, creates blog.theanimalrescue!

A lovable video clip taken in Saint-Jean-des-Ollières, Auvergne, France caught the funny minute for the globe to see.

In the video clip, you can see the German shepherd resting quietly, without a care on the planet. That is, up until a white cockatoo walks over, established to wake the pet dog from his rest.

The cockatoo after that surprises everybody by starting to bark!

The pets’ proprietors claimed to ViralHog, “A conversation started automatically between 2 animals trying to comprehend each other. The one that barks is not the one you would certainly assume.”

When the cockatoo really did not get a reaction from barking, they took things an action additionally and jumped onto the pet bed to obtain a little closer.

They were determined to wake the pet, however the canine continued to ignore them.

See the moment unfold in the video clip below:

This story originally showed up on blog.theanimalrescuesite

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