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Aband0ned Dog Roaming The Streets Sought Sh3lter From The St0rm And Stumbl3d Upon Her Forever Home

As Hurricane Irma made its way toward Florida, people all throughout the state either evacuated or bunkered down. The ones who decided to stay stocked up on groceries, boarded their windows, and hoped for the best.

But humans weren’t the only ones seeking a safe place to ride out the storm. Many people fled the state, sadly leaving their pets behind. There were also many animals who were already strays, forced to take on Irma while they fearfully wandered the streets.

One of the latter was a little dog who was desperately seeking shelter in Central Florida. As she roamed the streets, she arrived at the home of one family who was prepping for the storm.

When the woman saw this sweet little dog, she called her over. The smart dog looked both ways before crossing the street, and did not even hesitate to go up to the woman.

The woman took the dog in and gave her some food. She was extremely hungry and thirsty. She inhaled three bowls of food and drank two cups of water in minutes.

She assumed the pup was out on the streets for quite some time because her coat was covered in dirt and feces and was painfully matted, she had scratches and cuts on her skin, her paws were bleeding, and she had tar stuck to her behind.

The woman welcomed this lost dog into her home, and soon realized how friendly she really was. She was very snuggly and put her paw on her arm.

After the dog warmed up to her, the woman gave her a much-needed bath. At this point, the dog knew she was there to help. The woman cut out the matts, which was probably a relief for the dog.

She let the dog out to play in her backyard, and the dog was absolutely ecstatic. She ran around in circles and even tried bringing some sticks that she had found into the house.

The woman brought the dog to the vet the next day to be examined and scanned for a chip. Unfortunately, she did not have one. The vet believes she’s a husky/wolf mix and is less than a year old.

The woman posted on social media to see if this dog had an owner. She soon learned that this poor dog was owned by several families and had a rough past.

Her original owners lost their apartment and were unable to take her when they moved, so they gave her to a couple who they thought would take good care of her. But that family gave her away as well. The last owner she had was a man who couldn’t keep her any longer, so he let her out of the truck on the side of the road in a different city to fend for herself.

The dog had spent the four weeks after that wandering the roads alone, searching desperately for food. But what she craved even more was a warm home and a loving family. But she ended up exactly where she was meant to be.

The woman who found her decided to adopt her and give her a forever home! She named her Amaterasu, or ‘Amy’ for short.

Thankfully, she was found just in time and did not have to go through Irma while she was living on the streets. She was able to wait out the storm in a warm, loving home.

Amy, who is now clean and looking so much healthier, is as happy as can be. She is extremely lovable and affectionate, and enjoys cuddling with her new mom.

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