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A Woman Ad0pted A Pit Bull, And Their First Photo Took Over The Internet

A photo of university student Kayla Filoon and also her recently taken on pet is quickly making its way via the net and getting hold of visitor’s hearts. Filoon is a student at Temple University who was volunteering at a local pet shelter when she initially fulfilled Russ, writes

The young canine was sick with kennel coughing as well as struggling with other disorders like eye infection as well as scratchy skin, and also hemorrhaging tail; he was likewise thought about to be underweight. In spite of all of that, Filoon notes his calm behavior when he caught her eye like “he knew I [sic] was mosting likely to be his mom eventually.”

The next day she checked out Russ once again, and also both took a drive, and also she immediately understood it was suggested to be. Ever since, both have been virtually inseparable.

The now-viral picture was taken by a good friend while Filoon was examining, as well as showcases a heartwarming moment between a pet dog and also its proprietor. The pet shelter was also delighted by its power.

” We like seeing animals in their forever houses, knowing we helped produce this ideal match.”

In some cases life brings two beings with each other in a way that can’t be anticipated. The two appear to be a true match-made-in-heaven and also we can’t wait to see more pictures of the two of them in the future!

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